Open a bank account

Open a bank account

Order an Apostille authenticated certificate of incorporation from us, if you need it for opening a bank account abroad.

Due to the specificities of bank systems, the banking conditions can vary from branch to branch both in the UK and across the EU. We aim to provide information about the bank account opening process to our best knowledge, however this is something that our clients will need to arrange themselves.

It is important to know that in the UK, opening a bank account is not mandatory, therefore there is no deadline. However we know that in today’s world it is almost unavoidable to initiate and receive bank transfers. If you need a bank account, you are free to choose from the banking services in all EU countries, for example your UK company can have a bank account with a Hungarian bank, in HUF, EUR or GBP. 

Options for opening a bank account:

For opening a Hungarian, Slovak, etc. bank account for your UK company, the incorporation documents and an Apostille authenticated certificate of incorporation is needed: with standard procedure it takes about 3-5 weeks until our client gets the document, with accelerated procedure it takes about 2 weeks (our company formation packages include the standard procedure).

Opening a bank account with a leading UK bank


For UK residents

You can start your bank account with any bank branch. All directors and owners are usually required to attend, depending on the conditions of the chosen bank. 

For non-UK residents

Please contact us for more information about opening a business bank account online. 

The above is for information purposes only. Please contact the bank branch for up-to-date information.

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