Order Company Formation

Ordering your English or Northern-Irish company is a quick and easy process, you only have to follow the 3 steps below and your company can be registered in 1-2 business days


1) Complete the order form and send it back to us signed to info@griffconsulting.co.uk. You can download the form here:

For company formation: Company formation order form (Pdf), or Company formation order form (Word).

To complete the form, you will need the document below to indicate your scope of activities: List of SIC Codes (Pdf).

2) Send the scanned personal documents of every prospective director to info@griffconsulting.co.uk. In case of Northern-Irish companies after the incorporation, please send us the attested copy of these documents (utility bill is accepted as proof of address)

1. For identification: identity card OR passport
2. Proof of address: utility bill not older than 3 months OR English/Nothern-Irish driving license OR address card

3) Pay the fee of your selected package to our office.

The exact bank details can be found on the order form. 


What happens after the incorporation?


1)  We will send the incorporation documents to the email address you provided, along with a letter, that explains what these documents are. ( Due to the current situation, we do not send printed documents, but as every step of the incorporation happens electronically in England and Nothern-Ireland, there are no “original” paper documents. Everything is sufficient electronically and can be authenticated if necessary.)

2) Along with the incorporation documents, we will send the summary document of the company, which includes the main details of the company, the directors, and the deadlines of the returns.

3) You can choose from our bookkeeping packages, which will be tailored to your projected invoice turnover. You can choose an annual payment method or a monthly service fee.

Do you have a question on this topic?

Call us on these numbers or write to us via the form below, and we will contact you within one business day.

From UK: 01273  911930
From abroad: +44 1273  911930

Contact for the company formation

How should we contact you?

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After incorporation the company will be fully-fledged ready to operate and issue invoices. In the UK it is not necesarry, but if you wish to issue invoices to Hungarian partners, you will need to wait about 2 weeks for the company’s UTR number to arrive, so you can indicate it on your invoices. We will send it via e-mail.

Opening a bank account for the company is not mandatory. If you wish to open one, please contact us and we will help you with the conditions for opening a bank account depending on the country.

We wish you success!

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