Registered address service

We offer a registered address service in our office in Brighton, making the process of receiving letters easier. If requested, we can provide a London address or other rural addresses. To incorporate your UK business, you will need a UK address, where the company will be registered and can be contacted by the authorities via mail. You will need a registered office if you are not a UK resident or you do not wish to use your UK address for official purposes.

The annual registered office service includes the scanning and forwarding of the official letters of the company, which come from HMRC, Companies House, or government authorities. If you wish to give this address to your partners as your mailing address you will need to order our mail-forwarding service. With this service, we will forward all your mails to you.

The company formation fees include the use of our Brighton address. When incorporating a business, the fee of changing to London or a rural registered address is +£60.

Annual renewal fees – Brighton:

– Registered office : £100/year

– Mail-forwarding: : £140/year.

If you do not wish for your address to appear in public databases, we recommend you to use our service address. Its annual fee is £80.

Annual renewal fees in London (N1 area) and in the countryside:  

– Registered office: £160/year

– Mail forwarding: £100/quarter

Details: When ordered along with the company formation, mail forwarding in London comes with a discount, the first quarter for £80. When ordering after incorporating, it is £100/quarter and an additional £20 deposit is payable each time, to be used towards the administrative costs of the mail to be handled.

The handling costs depend on whether the mails are forwarded via posts or are scanned and forwarded via e-mail. If you do not wish for your address to appear in public databases, you have the option to use a service address in London for £100/year.

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