For a UK limited company, only a few annual returns are required. We notify our clients who have an accounting contract with us of these deadlines via e-mail. As you can see from the list below, the first financial report is due 13 months after the incorporation, in the first 12 months only the director’s Tax Return is required.

Annual Return: £60 

  • This is due 13 months after incorporation, it is mandatory to report the statistical data, such as the activity of the company, the addresses of the owners and the directors, etc…

Annual Accounts: £90 

Corporation Tax Return: £150 

  • The financial return of the company’s first year ( the first 12 months after incorporation). There are 9 months to prepare it.

Annual Accounts/Corporation Tax Return for DORMANT companies: £90 


Tax Return: £120

  • In the first 3-4 months of the current tax year we offer a 25-40% discount from the price. All directors must file the tax return due to their status as directors. Its deadline is 6 April and there are 9 months to file this.


  • An annual summary report of the yearly payment of employees and the payroll tax paid by the company, which has to be filed before 19 May. For those of our clients whose monthly payrolls are prepared by us, the annual report is free of charge.

VAT Return: £60 /quarter

  • For VAT registered companies filing their VAT Return is mandatory every quarter, the deadline is within 5 weeks after the end of the relevant period.

Self Employed Tax Return

All UK Self Employed persons have to file their annual Tax Return, which covers the period from 6 April until 5 April of the following year. From 06.04.2015. onward the due date is 31.01.2016. to file the tax return for the year 06.04.2014-05.04.2015.

We offer accounting services for Self Employed people at a very favorable price. Depending on their activity and the number of invoices, we give an individual offer. Annual accounting services start from as little as £150. We prepare the tax return of Self Employed people for £90. As long as you add up all of your expenses and income and we just have to prepare your tax return we charge only the £90 return fee.

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