Why choose us to incorporate your business and do the bookkeeping for your company? 

  • We are one of the longest established companies, with extensive experience due to the hundreds of companies we have incorporated, and the many tax years we have ended successfully.
  • We offer our services at a favourable price-quality ratio ( incorporation is available from just £20. Additional fees include the mandatory and recommended registrations, which are not included in the incorporation in many places, therefore they will cost hundreds of pounds later)
  • During HMRC checks, they have always found everything in our accounting to be correct.
  • All 11 of our colleagues work with the highest professional dedication.
  • We carry out company formations and bookkeeping directly, we are not doing agent work.
  • As dual English-Hungarian citizens, the owners of our company stand with the clients with a high level of responsibility.
  • We are assisted by our English lawyer and professional partner.
  • Our clients can ask the help of our Hungarian international lawyer for international legal questions or ones regarding the Hungarian tax office (for an additional fee)
  • We have an operating license and professional indemnity insurance.
  • Somewhere we see the contents of our website, somewhere the design of it on the website of our business competitions- it seems they follow our work and consider it worth following.


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